Miscellaneous, Mischievous Monday-Yay!

Sunday morning I took pictures of the dewy frost melting on the
roses in our front yard - November's Roses!

       I am so happy to finally I have nothing I actually feel pressed to write today so I can happily, randomly, participate in Miscellany Monday in a truly miscellaneous, spontaneous way! Hooray! Since I am also participating in the Giving Thanks Challenge I have most joyfully merged the two! Whoohoo! If you have not checked out my fabulous "Fotos"  from the 30 Day Photo Challenge with Ten June, feel free to click on the Fotos Tab!

So here is my Random, List of Thanksgivings, for today! Warning: Feeling Mischievous today...

Thankful for:

1. Living two minutes from the most beatiful coastline.
2. The walk on the beach I had with my pup (ok, he is not a puppy, I just call him that)
this morning.
3. The breathtaking beauty of nature all around.
4. My hubby was able to go to church with us instead of working!
5. My hubby still has his job since the store he almost transferred to
    closed and let all the employees go. (He works for Lowes)
6. The fact that I have a few good friends (like marines) who are faithful, gracious and patient.
      They get Grace. I am grateful for them.
7. Friday night my daughter fell asleep with her head on my chest as we watched America's     FunniestVideos and I felt so content and happy for the time ...even if it was with both of us, dozing off, happily on the couch, in front of the tube.
8. Thankful for the private school our girl attends and for the loving, Christ centered environment where she is able to spend her days!
9. Grateful for the opportunity to pray for others.
10. Grateful for this messy house. Which has great potential to be tidy, neat and clean.
      (if I move out!)

OK, so I am not as mischievous as I thought...must be getting old! ;)

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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
Psalm 136:1


  1. Great list and number 10 made me laugh out loud. I think that I can say the very same thing!

  2. ok, i don't a child...but i have a cat! and when she falls asleep with her head in my hands, i feel fabulous and trusted and loved.

    popping in from miscellany monday.

  3. Great list! I love that verse! And hold on to that child! They grow up too fast! Enjoy your day! And YES, your hubby contacted me! HA!!!

  4. Dawn:
    You have a very good list of thankfulness.
    I like #10. I think you might have borrowed it from me.:)

  5. Enjoyed reading your thankful list, Dawn. # 10 made me smile~

  6. That picture is awesome! What a sweet list. I love holding my baby girl too.

    And we won't even "go there" with the house. Sigh. I just can't seem to get on top of our clothes. I think we have too many. Sigh.

    Bless you!


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