Blind-spots (5 Minute Friday: See)

Well, it is time for 5 Minute Friday hosted by The Gypsy Mama, herself, Lisa -Jo Baker. Jumping back in for the first time in 2014- I missed the first gathering of this year because each First Friday of the month Recovering Church Lady and I host our own small gathering of writing friends called Random Journal Day! Feeling a little rusty, but here we go...the prompt is SEE:

I'm barely awake, rubbing sleep from my eyes. I've been wondering lately what it is I need to see that I'm not seeing. What is it, Lord, that I'm missing. What do I need to learn that I'm not getting?

But, I do believe I am starting to see.
Because, everyone has blind-spots.

I don't deny that I have mine.

Spiritual scars, scratches, and pits remain on the surface, yet still, I cling to my own understanding.
How long will it take to shed this skin?

How long before I really see?

I keep rolling around in circles...
Yet, I have access to the One who made blind men see.

I long for it to be me.

Feel free to rub the sleep out of your own eyes, and join in-
see you there!
Five Minute Friday


  1. I long for it to be me too! Great post! Visiting from FMF!

  2. Love it! I long to see too. Sometimes wondering if I am missing it altogether? Thanks for sharing. Haven't done a 5 min friday in a while. Need to get back at it.


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