Her Soul's Prison



built big enough
to protect her from pain
strong enough
tough enough

Surrounding her heart


Courageous Armour
to hide

the teary eyed princess child
peering through

she's created...

Walls of protection
become a

for the soul...

A note: I came across this poem while de-cluttering this weekend. I wrote it when I was in my 20's- like a hundred years ago. Does anyone else just write poems everywhere? Slips of paper with scribbled words are not an uncommon discovery around here! Poetry is both art and more importantly to me, (inexpensive) therapy!

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  1. how cool to discover poems you've written years back... i think it must be wonderful to re-read and i bet it just transports you back into the moment... defense builds a prison.. there was a time in my life when i tried to shut out pain by building walls... then realized... it shuts out life as well... still learning...smiles

  2. how quickly they can turn around on you eh? our hedges of protection become our prison...true enough...

  3. The fact that we put ourselves in prison... to be protected we put those boundaries... great thought.. and so great to find old poetry that way

  4. Oh, this is good. Shows the feeling of a young person, I think, feeling the need for self protection. Nice that you were able to write poetry at that time, as a way to deal with what you felt to be a prison. I wrote poetry back then too...which eventually became part of an early poetry book I made. I am glad I collected them, even if they came from a much different time in my life.

  5. I'm glad you found it because this is a gift to anyone who visits. It seems often true that the more we try to protect ourselves, the more lonely we'll end up.

    Go into the world.


  6. Dawn: Each of us has writings that appear like out of nowhere from time to time. You have some very personal thoughts here.

  7. We do create pour own prisons and put ourselves behind bars. Yet I reckon that acknowledging it is the first step towards being able to free one's self.

  8. a good message weaved into words... we so often build walls and lock doors... much to the detriment of our inner selves...

  9. It's beautiful (the photo and image created) but eventually she will want to go outside!

    How about "at ease" or "well" instead of "happy."

  10. Oh gosh, yes! I write them on napkins, post-its, the margins of well-loved books and in journals. I'm often pleased or mortified by the excavation of an unsearched for piece of work. Glad to see I'm not alone in this strange habit.

  11. How neat to discover those old poems ~ Those protection can also be like prison bars, it works both ways ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  12. I said it before, I stop by just to listen to the ocean but this poem was well worth a stop! What a photo too! You have my imagination running!
    Thanks for sharing and Happy 2014!

  13. well said
    when we put up walls
    we seal ourselves in prison...

  14. Well I've never discovered an old poem as good as this one. I like it very much.

  15. I haven't written a poem in years, but I can identify with your 20-something self. Oh, those prison walls...

  16. Nice find. I really love this, very simplistic on the surface but cuts deep. :-) I'm with you, I write poems on random things all the time if my notebook isn't within arm's reach.

  17. Much truth here; those walls we create to protect ourselves too often become prisons that we struggle to escape. Nice writing, Dawn.

  18. Wow, that's a lesson for us all.


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