There is a moaning
from within
a gentle droning

a future when
from my bones

It groans...

home, home, home.

It carries me
through the day
a memory-
I cannot stay

I long to be...

 home, home, home.

Snow wisps
by my naked face
tarries not
here with this grace
I hold my own
in this place

bearing all...

Still, I hear the call
of that which is to come
I gaze upon the water
remembering all that I have done

You might not recognize me,
I feel my soul expand
 I'm not easily offended
just a stranger in this land...

and as we pass each other by
this ordinary day
I'll look you in the eye
though from my path I will not stray
but, I'll hold you in my heart
even though I cannot stay

The road ahead is long
my head's no place to lay
but I'm carrying on the journey
sharing hope along the way

and I feel again the moaning
from within a gentle drone,
my bones ache with the longing

soon I'll journey on alone,
I'm not really lonely,
just longing for...

home, home home.

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  1. nice..lyrical...i could hear this to a soft acoustic guitar...like a traveling song...home will find us when the time has come, you know....smiles.

    1. Brian, this did come as a kind of song...but I am not , ahem...musically inclined...but yeah, definitely, I could hear it in my head.

  2. this reminded me of a song by danny plett.. i've got heaven on my mind... we'll get there finally... smiles

    1. I'll have to check that out , Claudia!

  3. I loved the rhythm in this poem, Dawn. I think we all yearn for home...wherever it is for us. We hear the call, follow the path, until we finally find home!

  4. Dawn .. the longing for home can come upon us when we least expect it.. and all of the sudden we look back instead of forward... and a great melody in your words

  5. This is just a song of love, hope, faith. The path is always there awaiting us to follow. This is very nicely done

  6. You have a good rhythm in this poem. Keep up the good work,

  7. What a beautiful poem! So many things come to my mind when I think of home and homesickness. Dorothy and some of my favorite songs on the them! I leave one of them here. <3


  8. A lovely piece of poetry. I enjoy the poetic journey.

  9. such beautiful music in this, just lovely!

  10. This feeling is deep within me too. Yet there is a life to live out there... Thank you for sharing.

  11. lyrical indeed. sometimes i know this longing, too.

  12. I like the movement to find the home, wherever that may take us ~

  13. This rolls as i read like the waves. Nicely done my friend. Home.

  14. Hi Dawn! What a beautiful poem about longing for home, our home in the Lord. Wow. It gave me such a feeling of peace and stillness, yet a straining out to heaven too.
    You have a really wonderful gift for poetry.


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