No New Normal

This pic goes back a few years, but it is one of my faves.
We were goofing off in the back yard around our firepit,
being silly while my mom snapped a few pics.

We are a bit dysfunctional
in our own functional way

certainly we have our flaws
yet our hearts we won't betray
learning the ropes as we go
come what will, come what may

and in the end will it matter
what other people say?

We parent graciously-
mistakes we have made
tightly woven, still are we
this little family of three

No new normal
not for us
though we are not perfect
somehow we trust

that God will finish what he began
for when we think we cannot
He certainly can.

I wrote this for an impromptu Family prompt over at Christian Creative Writers.

It's Tuesday, the day I serve up some poetic justice...kinda! 
(Doors open at 3)


  1. God will finish - Excellent hope and trust in his purposes and life. great words

  2. he def. can - in all our imperfections - i have three kids and made lots of mistakes...finally they turned out well in spite of what we did wrong... grace..smiles

  3. Well, it looks like a pretty cool family to me. If you are happy, tightly woven, and moving in the right direction, I am sure God is smiling down!

  4. Fabulous that there are others out there encouraging individuality, But it is very difficult for our kids in this day and age.

    1. True that, my friend. Trust me we are feeling the heat...our girl is now a teen, and it is no easy ride! But, Love will have to be the difference! Lord have mercy!

  5. Dawn: As parents we try to make memories for our children. Places we have been. Sites we have seen. People we have met.
    God allows us these oppotunities for the growth of children and the parents as well.

  6. We are a bit dysfunctional
    in our own functional way

    Love the opening and can totally relate...

  7. yes! He will complete the work He has begun in you, in me, in all of us!

  8. …ah, I love what you share today… what a beautiful spirit you possess… it reflects through your words… smiles…

  9. I think you capture a spirit of contentment I really appreciate. - you seem to have a really great life.

  10. no it does not matter...normal is so boring too you know....its best to be free in who you are and enjoy all that life has to offer...smiles...

  11. heck no it don't matter... normal just means you have no personality in my books... what people call "weird" is usually someone who's truly being themselves. be free!


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