The Visit (5 Minute Friday)


What do you desire,
but this one, specific thing?

That which lies within 
will make your heart sing...

It is in the desire
to feel the presence near

of those we love and who love us
and all we hold dear

I long for you to stay
and spend some time alone

not distracted by your thoughts
or with your fancy phone

Not making your to do list
or dishing out demands

But with an open heart 
that yields to my commands

The one that sits and visits
will know me very well
I promise to reveal myself 
John 14:21 does tell

Whom receives my instruction
sees the Son of Man

In the stillness, sees me
and my Fathers Mighty hand. 

Poetry is my default! Join us at Lisa Jo's where we write for 5 minutes on Friday, and sometimes Thursday, but last night I hit the hay at 9 PM, folks! 

Five Minute Friday


  1. Stopping by from FMF- first time I read poetry! This is amazing, thanks so much for posting! Wishing you a blessed weekend!
    - Katha (http://thisiskatha.blogspot.de/2014/01/five-minute-friday-visit.html)

  2. Hi, stopping by from FMF as well. I almost wrote on the need for that personal visit we need to make with God each day. It is the most important one of all. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your poem.

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  3. undistracted time...put everything away and just be with me....thats what i hear him saying...smiles...

  4. "Not distracted by your thoughts" That's sometimes my downfall.
    A poem that provokes thought,(means a good one.)

  5. Both your words and the picture are exquisite, my friend. <3


walk along the shore with me and leave your footprints in the sand-
I'm listening, friend...in November I will not be replying so often, but instead slip quietly over to your place for a visit. ;)